with lifetime premium service!
+ Free Shipping

With premium service, you will get:
All the protection and speed
of premium servers.
All streaming channels and it is
compatible with all smart devices
and platforms.
Tor support.
Your lifetime service is:
Always with you.
Transferable. Amazing, right?
If you lose or break your
Betterspot, you can buy a new
(basic) one and use your lifetime
service on the new Betterspot.

Betterspot VPN Router Pricing

Included: One Betterspot device with Lifetime Premium Service + TOR

Buy Estimated Delivery: 10 to 15 working days
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Included: One Betterspot device + TOR

Buy Estimated Delivery: 10 to 15 working days
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Betterspot is an affordable router with built-in VPN for secure online surfing, protecting your privacy and unblocking any websites. It's super easy to use and compatible with all devices and platforms. Betterspot allows you to control the device easily through an app on your smartphone, all settings in your hand. You can switch between VPN and Tor anonymity network. Moreover, you can activate the VPN mode anytime. And you can also choose your favorite server location just by a tap. Betterspot receives automatic software updates to ensure that your VPN router is running on the latest security enhancements. Thanks to our backers, Betterspot has been funded $500K on Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms.

What’s in the box?


Wireless: 100Mbps Wi‑Fi N (2.4GHz only)
Ports: Dual 100M Ethernet (WAN/LAN)
Color and Materials: Navy Blue, ABS
Security: WPA2-PSK, Automatic updates
Memory: 128MB DDR2, 16MB Flash
Processor: Mediatek MT7620A @ 580MHz
Power: 5V/1A < 3W

Dimension and Weight

Length: 3.15" (8 cm)
Width: 3.15" (8 cm)
Height: 1.06" (2.7 cm)
Weight: 0.84 lb (380 g)


Broadband internet connection or internet Wi‑Fi connection

1) Shipping fee for United States and Canada: $9, European Union: $15, Other countries: $19. Lifetime package is shipping free.
2) The price is Tax excluded.
3) You can upgrade to lifetime anytime by contacting our support team.

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