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with lifetime premium service!
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With premium service, you will get:
All the protection, speed, and no
data limits.
All streaming channels and it is
compatible will all smart devices
and platforms.
Tor support.
Your lifetime service is:
Always with you.
It is transferable. Amazing, right?
If you lose or break your
Betterspot, you can buy a new
(basic) one and use your lifetime
service on the new Betterspot.
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Betterspot Lifetime @Worldwide

Included 1 BETTERSPOT device + LIFETIME Premium Service + TOR * Free Shipping! * 10% refund to referred backers at the time of delivery.


Betterspot 2 Years

Include 1 Betterspot with 2-year Premium Service + lifetime TOR * Referred backers will receive 2-year Premium Service+ extra 6 months


Betterspot Premium 1-Year

Included 1 BETTERSPOT device + 1-Year Premium Service + TOR * Referred backers will receive 1-year Premium service+ extra 3 months.


Betterspot Basic + Gift

Included 1 BETTERSPOT device + 1-Month Premium Service as a GIFT + TOR * Referred backers will receive 3-months Premium Service as a gift.