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Betterspot Plan Comparison

Choose the right Betterspot for you

Betterspot DeviceBasic
Control with Mobile AppControl your Betterspot with iOS or Android apps
Control with Admin PanelManage Betterspot with an internet browser
Auto UpdateUpdate Betterspot frameware to the latest version
Tor NetworkBetterspot can pass your internet traffic through Tor anonymity netwrok
Direct ModeBetterspot can act like a normal router
Lifetime VPNBetterspot encrypts and passes your traffic through a high speed, secure VPN servers
LAN as a SourceBetterspot can be connected to the Internet by plugging in the Internet cable
Wi‑Fi as a SourceBetterspot can access the Internet by connecting to home or public Wi‑Fi internet connection
Wi‑Fi BroadcastMultiple devices can connect to Betterspot through Wi‑Fi connection
Lan OutputA device can connect to Betterspot using a LAN cable
Number of VPN LocationNo locationAll availableBetterspot has servers in different countries to cover various needs to the VPN
Netflix StreamingAbility to watch American Netflix while you're abroad
Support Response Time72 hours48 hours
Sold outSold out
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Betterspot gives you the security in an incredibly simple way