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With premium service, you will get:
All the protection and speed
of premium servers.
All streaming channels and it is
compatible with all smart devices
and platforms.
Tor support.
Your lifetime service is:
Always with you.
Transferable. Amazing, right?
If you lose or break your
Betterspot, you can buy a new
(basic) one and use your lifetime
service on the new Betterspot.

A user-friendly VPN router for everyone!

All Devices, All Platforms

Betterspot secures all kinds of devices & platforms:
Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows phone, and many others.

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Easy to use

Betterspot allows you to use Betternet's security layer on a router with zero configs. It does not require a manual or special configuration. We also provide an app to make Betterspot more accessible. Changing the locations and operating modes will be easier. You can switch between TOR and VPN, or turn them off and use Direct mode which allows Betterspot to operate as a normal router.

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On-demand service

Do you forget to turn the VPN on? No problem! Don't worry about the security of your device. Betterspot’s “ON Demand Service” will help you secure your device. As soon as you try to access any websites, the VPN connection is initiated and that way your device is always secure.

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Auto updating

With this feature, Betterspot can automatically keep your devices' software current with the latest updates and enhancements including the firmware, and the features in both your router and app. You will no longer worry about critical updates and information.

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Location selection

You can very easily select the countries with the best servers. We do our best to have more servers there. Betternet supports the following locations: US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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Tor anonymity network

Betterspot is here to help you use Tor to protect your privacy from unscrupulous marketers and identity thieves, protect their communications from irresponsible corporations, protect their children online, research sensitive topics, and circumvent censorship. You just need to tap TOR mode to be anonymous.

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