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Protect All Your Wi‑Fi Devices at The Internet Source with Betterspot VPN Device

An incredibly simple solution to secure your home and public Wi‑Fi

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Use VPN on Any Devices
Always Protected
Super Easy to Setup

An Uninterrupted VPN Service for Wi‑Fi Devices

Betterspot VPN router supports devices that can't normally run VPN softwares such as Apple TV, PlayStation, XBox, and many more.

Your Internet source is protected by Betterspot, and all your data is passing through this VPN router. So you no longer need to be worried about the security of your devices.

Stop installing VPN apps on each separate devices. Just connect your new device to the Betterspot Wi‑Fi without additional configuration.

A New Approach to Home Wi‑Fi Security

Betterspot replaces all VPN apps with a single smart router, creating a new protected connection for your entire home Wi‑Fi devices.

It's a new kind of VPN solution that secures your internet connection throughout your home.

Our Home VPN Router Provides Your Home Wi‑Fi with Online Security and Privacy

Unlike other routers with complex configurations, Betterspot is super simple to setup and use.

This special VPN router is portable. Carry security with yourself to the hotels, coffee shops, airports and while traveling abroad.

The Betterspot app lets you easily choose VPN server location or change the internet route to Tor network or direct link.

Betterspot receives automatic software updates to ensure that your VPN router is running on the latest security enhancements.

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