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Logo Downloads & Brand Guidelines

Here’s everything for you to put your story together as well as how to best reach Betterspot.

Download Logo

In order to use betterspot logo, you can download the format mentioned here. According to the color and the background behind the logo, you can decrease Betterspot logo’s Alpha to 70%. Example

Download Photo

Download Betterspot's photos here:

Betterspot VPN Router
Betterspot VPN Router Device
Betterspot VPN Router Portable Device

Official Colors

You are encouraged to use the official dribble colors when displaying the logo and marks. When using the logotypes on light backgrounds, use our charcoal color. Use white if displaying on a dark background.

Betterspot Device Color
Betterspot VPN Mode color
Betterspot TOR Mode color
Betterspot Direct Mode color
Betterspot Website Color

In The News

We are proud that others have found our work as interesting and exciting as us! Here some nice words from people that we look up to:

Digital Trends

Ultimately, the Betterspot is all about convenience. This is something your grandparents could use. See more.

Huffington Post

By connecting to the internet through BetterSpot, you’ll essentially be invisible to any potential hacker riding the network with you. See more.


The Betterspot’s compact form factor does make the device useful as a travel router. It can protect your Wi‑Fi connection and bypass internet censorship with plug-and-play ease. See more.

Small Business Trends

Consumers and small business owners are now more aware than ever when it comes to digital security. They now understand there is no such thing as full proof security, but a comprehensive and proactive approach gives you a better chance at protecting the digital assets of your small business and personal information. The Betterspot VPN is one of the tools you can use to make this possible. See more.