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Install the app on one device, and your other devices will simply connect to Betterspot.

Betterspot app

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Device Modes

Betterspot has three different modes: VPN (Betternet), Tor, Direct. The LED light shows you that which mode is active.

Betternet VPN

Connect to increase your security and privacy and choose between multiple server locations.


You can switch to Tor anonymity network and surf anonymously.


You can also turn the VPN off. Betterspot can function like a normal router.

Watch the video

How app works?

This video shows you how each part of Betterspot app works

Server Location

Change your location just by a tap. Using Betterspot app, you can select your favorite server from the menu. Betterspot supports the following locations: US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


Get the support you need with Betterspot VPN router, product support, and consulting services.The technical support team is composed of individuals that are familiar with the ins and outs of Betterspot VPN router. With this knowledge, they are able to troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences. Just contact